When my husband and I got married five years ago, we had talked about the ways adoption had each come into our hearts. For me, it was volunteering at a family shelter alongside an adoptive mother that really opened my eyes to adoption. My husband grew up with an adoptive sister, and watched his parents open their home to provide, even when it wasn’t easy. Years later, the desire to adopt had not gone away, but had only grown stronger!

There are many misunderstandings about adoption, especially international adoption. Let me first say that I do not have it all figured out, whether that is my faith, relationships or ideas about the world and society. 

Adoption to me is a chance to give a home to a child. A chance to open my heart and eyes to a child, to learn from that child and to grow together as a family. It is not a chance to “do something good.” It is not about feeling that my way of life as an American is more right than in other cultures. It also breaks my heart to realize that the system has been abused, with adoption scandals in the past that have only brought us further from healing and hope as a world society. Working with Hague-approved adoption agencies can help ensure that adoptive parents do not repeat these mistakes. We are seeking as much information as possible about the different avenues available, so if you have any adoption info to share with us, please contact me. I’d love to learn more!

Fabric Button Earrings

While we wait to find out which adoption pathway is best for us, whether that is international or domestic, I’ve been busy making hundreds (maybe thousands?) of handmade button earrings to help offset the costs of adoption. The fabric-covered buttons were made with love by me and a dear group of friends. You can read more about how I first got this crazy idea right here.

Earrings on display at Love's Hangover

My earrings are currently on sale at Love’s Hangover. I also have a selection of earrings at my online shop.

A little about me: I love to support handmade and stay crafty. I regularly blog at Lindsay Sews and Craft Buds. My husband and I are currently on the waiting list for three different adoption programs, hoping to enter a program with a wait time of 2 years or less. We are working to save money in various ways, and plan to take advantage of $18,000 in federal and work grants, which makes $10,000 our fundraising goal.

Fabric Button Earrings

Thanks for reading about this fundraiser and especially to the bloggers who donated supplies and my friends who spent many hours helping me assemble these handmade earrings! I love the uniqueness of each pair. It reminds me of how unique we all are as individuals, gifted in different ways.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me and I’d love to meet you! I’m also on Facebook.
Click here to see our progress.

New button earrings - assortment

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