Is Your Craft Business Not Taking Off? How Can You Fix This?

If your dream is to start a craft business, then this is what you should do. There is nothing to say that you can’t, and the only person that will ever really be in your way is you. For example, you may have tried to launch a craft business in the past, or you are trying to do so right now, and it’s not going well. So, what do you do now? Well, you certainly don’t give up and just let it go. In this post, we’re going to take a look at how you can fix the problems in getting your craft business off the ground!

Social Media Is Your Best Friend

Social media is going to be your absolute best friend when it comes to trying to get your business to take off. You can post regularly, show people what you are doing, make posts that are shareable so that the people who are using your business can share them with others that they know, and so on. Ensure that all of these posts are interesting and show who you are as a small business. 

You should also think about doing some live videos so that people can see you, get to know you as a person, and even show them some of the creative processes that go into creating these crafts. This is interesting to a lot of people, and if they feel more connected to you, they are more likely to buy from you.

Use A Range Of Materials

Another thing that you are going to need to do is to keep it interesting by using a range of materials. Nobody wants something that is boring, and if you are only doing the same thing over and over, then that’s exactly what you are going to be. Try to add new things in there every now and then to enhance whatever you are working on. For example, you can get 12 inch vinyl or whatever size you want, and this can enhance what you are creating at the moment. As a professional, we’re sure that you can find a way to incorporate anything.

Allow For Custom Orders

The final thing that we are going to say is that you should open your business for custom orders and requests. This way, if people have an idea that they would like brought to life, you can help them achieve this. If people know that they are able to give ideas and aren’t just limited to what is on your list, this is going to be a huge selling point.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the things that you should be doing to fix the fact that your craft business isn’t taking off right now. It’s true to say that you need to put the large majority of your focus into this if it’s going to work, so make sure that you have got the time to dedicate to the company. We wish you the best of luck and hope that you see success soon.


I’m Lindsay Conner, and welcome to my sewing home! I am a modern quilter, author, editor, pattern designer, wife, and mom. I use this space to share my latest projects, tutorials, and patterns!