3 Common Craft Injuries To Avoid

If you run your own DIY or craft business, you will know that injuries while working can be a nightmare to deal with. Not only can they be painful, but they can also force you to take time off work, putting your whole operation out of whack. Most small business owners operate with a small team, or even as sole traders, so it is even more important that you stay healthy and injury-free while running your creative business.

In this blog you will find three common DIY and craft injuries to watch out for, and what to do if you do become injured while running your business. Let’s get started!

1. Cuts or other skin injuries

DIY and crafts often involve handling equipment such as scissors, knives, hammers or staplers. If you slip while using these items, or you use them incorrectly by accident, you can cut or slice open your skin, causing bleeding. While some of these injuries are pretty mild and can be fixed with a band aid, others might require stitches at the hospital.

To avoid this, it is advisable to wear protective gloves while using this equipment, or to build your confidence by working slowly to begin with.

2. Back ache

Back ache is a highly common workplace injury, due to the fact that as humans, we simply aren’t evolved to sit down, hunched over our work, for multiple hours per day. For those who run craft businesses involving working with fiddly projects on a desk, back ache is a very common problem.

To combat back ache, ensure that you get out of your chair every hour and stretch. Some creatives find that taking up yoga or pilates is helpful to avoid back ache and posture hunching.

3. Slipping and falling

If your business involves climbing ladders, perhaps to paint large murals or wall paintings, you will already know that slipping and falling is a common, and often serious, way to get injured while working on your projects. To ensure you are staying safe while creating your work, make sure to wear shoes with good grip on the soles, as well as having others help you if you are climbing ladders or other high-up equipment.

Documenting your injuries & next steps

As soon as you possibly can, it is very important that you document your injuries. This is so important because in order to claim from an insurance policy, you will need as much proof as possible that your injuries were as severe as you claim. 

If you have trouble claiming your insurance, you might need to hire a lawyer to represent you. From many firms, you can get a free case evaluation from a personal injury attorney who will break down the details of your case and provide you with an overview of your chances of success. 

Final Thoughts

If any of these injuries do occur while you are working in your creative field, don’t panic. Use this step by step guide to ensure you are taking the right steps after the injury.


I’m Lindsay Conner, and welcome to my sewing home! I am a modern quilter, author, editor, pattern designer, wife, and mom. I use this space to share my latest projects, tutorials, and patterns!