Halloween at Home: Monster Cookies

Well, it happened. Our city has officially discouraged families from going door to door and trick-or-treating this year, due to the pandemic. 

Funny enough, our son hasn’t mentioned one thing about dressing up or trick-or-treating, so having a “Halloween at home” will be a pretty easy sell! Some friends of ours are doing a pinata in the backyard, and a local church is doing a “drive-through” Trunk or Treat where the kids never have to get out of the car, but they see a lot of decorated cars and get a bag of candy at the end.

We’ve already spent a few afternoons making Halloween crafts to decorate the house with. Last night, we decorated monster cookies, and it was super fun! We even put some extra cookies “blanks” in the freezer so we can pull them out on Halloween and do the activity again. 

 Want to give it a try?

Monster Cookies supplies  

What You’ll Need: 

– Cookies! We baked sugar cookies and chocolate chip. Want an
easier time? Why not decorate store-bought cookies or even graham

Eyeball sprinkles

Funfetti Halloween icing  

– Assorted decorations, like this bag of mixed Halloween candy. (We cut up Twizzlers and Hershey miniature bars, used chocolate chips, etc. Mini marshmallows would also be great here.)

– Plastic sandwich bags

– Small containers (or icing lids) to sort sprinkles


1. First, you’ll want to prepare a work space. I used the lids of the Funfetti icing and other small plastic containers to store the sprinkles that come with them. After the cookies have cooled, place them onto a clean cookie sheet or plate for decorating.


2. Next, you’ll want to prepare the frosting bags! To make it easier to add the icing, I spooned it into a plastic sandwich bag and then used scissors to snip off one corner. The hole should be an opening of 1/4″ to 1/2″ for the best results. Seal the bag, and use your fingers to gently push the icing toward the opened corner. You can squirt it directly onto the cookies and start decorating, or keep a butter knife nearby to smooth things over.

Halloween at Home  

3. Next, go wild with decorations! We had fun piling up the icing super tall and putting candy everywhere. You can use cut up Twizzlers for mouth or antennae, use as many eyeball sprinkles as you want, and find interesting ways to add chocolate chips and candy sprinkles.

 Monster Cookies 

There you have it! Having just two colors of frosting and a few different types of decorations really leads to a lot of possibilities. We thought the orange and green icing made a perfect pumpkin cookie!

Are you planning a Halloween at home this year due to COVID-19? What kinds of fun activities have you come up with?

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