DIY AirPods Case with kraft-tex

DIY Airpods case 15

This month, I’m sharing a free tutorial for using kraft-tex, the vegan material that looks like leather but cuts and sews like paper. As part of the kraft-tex Color of the Month challenge, I’m working with kraft-tex Sapphire, a gorgeous deep blue shade that has so many possibilities: sew it, stamp it, dye it, paint it.

DIY Airpods case 16

Yesterday was my birthday, and my husband gifted me with some Apple AirPods! They are wireless earbuds that you connect via bluetooth to my phone. I took them on a run, and they were perfect for listening to music. They also make it easier to talk on the phone with my mom while I’m walking around the house, because I don’t have to carry anything. The only problem is, Matt has AirPods too, so I thought it would be easy for us to mix them up.

DIY Airpods case 17

To help protect my case and keep it clipped onto my purse, I used kraft-tex to sew a simple AirPods case! Do you want to DIY your own AirPods case? This free pattern will work with kraft-tex, cork, or leather. Let’s get started!

DIY Apple AirPods Storage Case


8″ x 8″ piece of kraft-tex, cork, or leather

1″ wide swivel clip

9.5mm metal snaps and setting tool


sewing machine and contrasting thread 

white school glue 

AirPods case pattern (printed at 100% scale)



From kraft-tex

– Cut 1 Airpods case template from pattern

– Cut 1 strip 3/4″ x 2 1/4″ for swivel clip

DIY Airpods case 1



1. Using a contrasting thread, machine stitch 1/8″ from the edge around the pattern piece cut from kraft-tex. Sew slowely and carefully.

DIY Airpods case 2

2. Use the pattern piece to mark the placement for the swivel clip loop on the right side of the kraft-tex.

DIY Airpods case 3

3. Fold the kraft-tex strip in half, threading it through the end of the swivel clip. Place the two ends over the bottom of the marked rectangle.

DIY Airpods case 4

4. Stitch a box with an “X” through it to secure the loop to the kraft-tex.

DIY Airpods case 5

5. Place the AirPods on top of the wrong side of the kraft-tex. Fold the left flap in.

DIY Airpods case 6

6. Fold the right flap in, over top of the left flap.

DIY Airpods case 7

7. Fold the bottom flap up over the two previous flaps.

DIY Airpods case 8

8. Fold the top flap down, over the three previous flaps. This gives you the basic shape of the AirPods case. Next, we’ll attach the snaps.

DIY Airpods case 9

9. Use the pattern piece to mark the snap placement. Attach one male snap to the wrong side of the top flap and one female snap to the right side of the bottom flap, as shown. (The other side of the top snap is blue, to match my case.)

Test the snaps before the next step, which is gluing.

DIY Airpods case 10

10. Use white school glue to secure wrap the right flap over the left flap.

DIY Airpods case 11

DIY Airpods case 12

11. Here, I’ve flipped the case upside down. Add more school glue on top of the left-right side flaps, now wrapped around the AirPods case. Fold the bottom flap up and over the glue.

DIY Airpods case 13

DIY Airpods case 14

12. Press the snaps together, leaving the AirPods inside the case overnight or until it dries. Once it’s dry, you can slip out the AirPods and admire your handiwork!

DIY Airpods case 18

Ta-da! The swivel clip makes it easy to take my AirPods on the go.

DIY Airpods case 19

I think I’ll sew up this case in a few different colors so I can accessorize! I love how this turned out, and think it’s even cuter than any of the leather AirPods cases I found while perusing the Internet.

If you want some more ideas for using kraft-tex in accessories, bags, and home decor, you can check out my book kraft-tex Creations: Sew 18 Projects with Vegan Leather; Print, Stitch, Paint & Design (Stash Books).


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