kraft-tex Journal Necklace and Fringe Necklace

Can you believe summer is almost over? School is back in session in our
house, and it’s virtual school for the time being. Everything has it
challenges right now, but we are hanging in there, taking things one day
at a time.kraft-tex necklace

All year, I’ve been participating in the kraft-tex Color of the Month
Challenge, and August’s color is Greenery! The perfect shade for summer,
this month’s color inspired me to make two necklaces.

kraft-tex necklace

The mini journal necklace is a project from my book kraft-tex Creations: Sew 18 Projects with Vegan Leather; Print, Stitch, Paint & Design (Stash Books). 

You can see some other colors of the journal necklace on the book’s cover.

kraft-tex necklace

The fringe necklace is just a design I was playing around with. I started with a square of kraft-tex Greenery, then used white school glue to add it on top of a rectangle of kraft-tex Emerald, trimming it into a chevron shape. Then I added more Greenery underneath, glued it, then trimmed a longer chevron shape. Then I used scissors to cut the chevron parts into fringe.

kraft-tex necklace

I used a hand stitching needle to poke a hole into each of the necklaces and added a gold jump ring, then attached a jewelry chain. The journal can be left open, or tied closed with a tiny strip of kraft-tex. I used embroidery floss to stitch a design on the journal’s spine.

kraft-tex necklace

kraft-tex Color of the Month 2020

I’m looking forward to sharing more kraft-tex project ideas each
month of 2020 as a #krafttexambassador ! Each month I’ll share a
different kraft-tex project in the color of the month (hint: think birthstones). Here are my past projects.

July: kraft-tex Boxy Zipper Bag
June: kraft-tex Woven Basket
May: kraft-tex Succulent Plant
April: kraft-tex Pillow Boxes for Gift Wrap
March: kraft-tex Flat Zipper Pouch Tutorial
February: kraft-tex Wallet
January: Wide Zipper Pouch

To shop all of the colors of kraft-tex and get more project ideas, visit and search kraft-tex.

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