DIY Mask Necklace! Mask Lanyard Tutorial

DIY Face Mask Lanyard

I needed to solve a problem, so I made this face mask “necklace” that easily
snaps onto the ear loops. The mask can be taken on or off like normal,
and you don’t feel the extra strap behind your ears. This prevents kids from losing their mask, or you from leaving it in the car when you need to bring it inside for a wash.

DIY Face Mask Lanyard

If this would solve a problem for you or your kids, I’m happy to make more! They are currently listed in my Etsy shop.

But I thought some of you crafty folks might want to make your own, so I made a little video showing the steps to make this DIY face mask lanyard. I’m also including some affiliate links to the exact twill tape and snaps I used, so you can order supplies for your own. (If you do order, I’ll receive a small commission.) Happy making!


1/2″ wide cotton twill tape
9.5mm metal snaps and setting tool
Fabric scissors

Clear nail polish (to keep ends from unraveling)
1. Cut twill tape to 18″ for child length or 28″ for adult length.
2. Add clear nail polish to the cut ends to prevent unraveling.
3. Fold over one end and place the female snap parts on either side as shown in the video.
4. Moving down 1″ from the folded end, place the male snap parts on either side as shown in the video.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other end. Snap mask lanyard to ear loops and wear around neck when mask is not in use.


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