kraft-tex Bi-fold Wallet

I decided to make my first wallet out of kraft-tex as part of the kraft-tex Color of the Month 2020 challenge. It went pretty well, and I learned some things along the way! kraft-tex is a paper-fabric hybrid that comes in a
wide variety of colors and is a great leather substitute. You can cut it like paper and sew with it like fabric!

I was really happy to find this free pattern, the Cork Bi-Fold Wallet Pattern by Sew Sweetness.
Note: I trimmed about 1/4″ off one short end of the cover to adapt this pattern for kraft-tex, since it’s a bit thinner than cork fabric. This will make more sense when you watch her video tutorial.

Kraft-tex bi-fold Wallet

The color selection this month is Radiant Orchid, and I experimented with making a cat applique and painting my kraft-tex to make two wallets with different looks. For the cat wallet, I also used Linen colored kraft-tex. I cut it out freeform, then added some orchid pieces back on top for the eyes and nose.

I used a 3.5 stitch length and a microtex needle (size 90). I also used polyester thread, which I’ve heard is more durable for kraft-tex wallets than cotton thread. For the cat wallet, I stitched from both the front and the back to secure the inner wallet to the wallet cover. This was for durability and looks.

Kraft-tex bi-fold Wallet

For the second wallet, I used Tangerine Tango kraft-tex to give a pop of color on the upper card slots.

Kraft-tex bi-fold Wallet

After stitching up the Orchid and Linen Wallet, I experimented with gluing the front cover on the wallet instead of stitching it together. I used strong glue all around the perimeter and added Wonder Clips to secure. After I let it dry overnight, the sparkly cover was attached to the wallet without an any edge-stitching.

To get the galaxy effect to this wallet cover, I dabbed on a bit of white acrylic paint. Then I touched it up with some blue ink from a stamp pad. Finally, I added clear glitter T-shirt paint from a bottle I found in my craft supplies. I love how both wallets turned out fun and different!

Note: There are a few other kraft-tex wallet patterns in the new book I compiled called kraft-tex Creations. Check it out here!


Kraft-tex bi-fold Wallet

kraft-tex Color of the Month 2020
I’m looking forward to sharing more kraft-tex project ideas each month
of 2020 as a #krafttexambassador ! Each month I’ll share a different
kraft-tex project in the color of the month (hint: think birthstones).

To shop all of the colors of kraft-tex and get more project ideas, visit and search kraft-tex.

Until then…. happy sewing! 


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