Stitched Zipper Pouch with kraft-tex

Have you recovered from the holidays yet and slipped into a new routine for the new year? I’m working on this. One of my goals is to start running again, so I’ve signed up for a race in April. It is a 10 mile race, and I’ve only ran around 3 miles at once, so I have quite a few nerves going into it! Any advice, runners? I definitely don’t want to overdo it and get shin splints.

Another one of my goals is to spend time doing things that aren’t productive. I used to enjoy writing in a journal, songwriting, and just spending time thinking about life.

These days, I’m much better at checking things off a list than…
                        being still.

This goal feels HARD to me. Maybe more difficult than running a race. Still, I feel like I’ve lost touch with a part of myself in the push-pull of motherhood, and I’m hoping to reconnect with some of the creative practices that have helped shape my identity over time. To see what still sparks joy.

Do you have any goals for the new year? Did you write them down or tell anyone? For me, telling someone my goal makes it more real.

“Oh, we’re doing this.”

I spent some time sewing today, and that was fun! This red pouch is made from a single sheet of kraft-tex, a paper-fabric hybrid that is fun to work with and comes in a wide variety of colors. So if you’re looking for vegan leather… try it out and you won’t be disappointed.

The pattern for this pouch appears in the new book I compiled called kraft-tex Creations.

More on the book next week…. and a giveaway!

Linda Seeman-Korte contributed this design, called the “Funky Zipper Pouch.” I used Designer kraft-tex in Crimson. One roll is enough to make two of these pouches, with some extra kraft-tex to spare. I stitched some straight lines in black and white thread. I didn’t think too hard about the placement, which was fun and relaxing. I used a stitch length of 3.5 for the decorative stitching.

I like how the pouch opens wide at the top, and especially how it sits upright when you use it.

kraft-tex Color of the Month 2020
I’m looking forward to sharing more kraft-tex project ideas each month of 2020 as a #krafttexambassador ! Each month I’ll share a different kraft-tex project in the color of the month (hint: think birthstones).

To shop all of the colors of kraft-tex and get more project ideas, visit and search kraft-tex.

Until then…. happy sewing!


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