Sturdy Striped Tote for Stitch Craft Create Gifts

Stitch Craft Create Gifts 2013

I wanted to quickly share a project I made for Stitch Craft Create’s Gifts 2013 issue. Way back in January, I had a few sewing deadlines to meet before my husband and I packed up and moved from Indiana to Tennessee.

Sturdy Striped Tote

This Sturdy Striped Tote was made with fabric I picked up at IKEA (clearance!) and is a simple sewing project for beginners. It was my first time using grommets, and they are so fun and give the bag a really clean finish. I picked up the rope for the handles at the hardware store.

Stitch Craft Create Gifts 2013

The project was actually switched from a summer to a winter issue, so Shannon the editor asked if she could have permission to modify my bag and show it with a different kind of handle. I love both looks, and it was so much fun to see this new, wintery interpretation of my summer tote.

Stitch Craft Create Gifts 2013 is available now via the Martha Pullen store. It’s a beautiful issue and it includes lots of great ideas for holiday gifts and wrapping, which I can’t wait to try!


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