Summer Sewing: Catching Up

Well… the title of this post is a little misleading. After reading it, you might think I’ve been sewing up a storm this summer! I’ve actually taken on some new editing work for the summer, so my freelance plate has kept me more than a little busy. But, I’d love to show you what I’ve been up to!

Thistle Farms

A couple weeks ago, I got to sew with my friends volunteering at Thistle Farms in the sewing studio. I worked on labeling T-shirts (which sold like
hotcakes), and got to take a look at the unity quilt and cute
paper/fabric gift tags the women have been working on. Looking at them just makes me want to wrap presents!

July do Good Stitches {imagine]

Today I made these scrappy New England Blocks for my do Good Stitches bee. Just in the nick of time, before the end of July! I love the bright, citrus-y colors Andy chose.

I also put together a quickie tutorial for my do Good Stitches bee, since I’m up as the quilter for August. The blocks above were made in record time by Toni, and this is SUPER special to me because it’s the first block pattern in the Modern Bee book!

Sukie designed this block, and it’s super-smart how she put it together. AND it looks amazing as a full quilt! Say… anyone interested in a quilt along when the book comes out this fall?

I hope your summer is going great. Oh, and I’ll be back in approximately three weeks with a pregnancy update. That’s when we’ll find out the gender! I’ll just keep pinning yellow and grey nursery ideas until then. 🙂


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