Brackets Quilt Finish + Catching Up

Brackets Quilt

You know that feeling when you just know the list of W.i.P.s is growing and you don’t know if you’ll ever get out? I’m happy to say that I knocked one off my list, which is my do Good Stitches quilt from March! The blocks were made by the ladies in my Imagine Circle of the charity bee using my Brackets Quilt tutorial.

Brackets Quilt Back

I finished this quilt in just a few hours, because it was already basted. As another bonus, I had already made the green binding for another project, but didn’t end up using it last time. I free-motion quilted it with a wide stipple and backed the quilt in a vintage rainbow sheet plus some additional blocks from the bee!

May Bee Blocks (do. Good Stitches, Imagine)

These were my do Good Stitches blocks for May, made using this card trick block tutorial by Heidi of Buttons and Butterflies. I think she chose great colors, so I can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

Where did the rest of my month go? Where to begin…. The first 10 days of the month, Matt and I visited California, driving the coast from San Diego to San Francisco! It was fun, but exhausting… lots of walking and activities and not enough lounging around for my taste, but I’m still thankful for the chance to travel. This guy is a lot of fun!

 San Francisco

While we were in San Francisco, I actually had a deadline for the final edits of my book. So exciting! So I packed a red pen to take on the plane and decided to drop off my pages in person at the C&T Publishing offices outside of San Fran. I totally missed it when I walked in, but they made me a “welcome” sign! How sweet!

Visit to C&T Publishing

The big highlight there was meeting and going out to lunch with everyone on
my book team. A close second was seeing the tiny room where they take photos of
all the quilts (flat shots) from a little spot in the ceiling, looking
downward. Genius!

With any luck today, I’ll be sewing up a skirt or two for Skirt Week! I’d love to hear what you are working on this week or weekend. 🙂


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