Moving Along + Liberty Love Party

Last Friday, we packed up all of our belongings in snowy Indiana, and headed south to Tennessee.

Exhausted. Many tears. Goodbyes to wonderful friends. As my husband and I closed the door to our home for the last time, we looked at each other, and I absolutely lost it. Out of the blue, I had what was the first raw and real emotional reaction . . . “It’s over.” The last decade-plus of life in Anderson was marked with memories of the dear friends we’ve made there. Through tears, I knew that life was changing. This change was both exciting and so hard to process.

Our first day in Nashville, we met our realtor, who greeted us with this little bundle of flowers. After our first grocery trip, another little gift arrived in the form of homemade dinner from some friends in town. I have to say, I’m enjoying this southern hospitality! We chose this city because we were lucky enough to have some friends and connections here already, so it doesn’t feel like stepping into the total unknown.

Our second night in Nashville, we’d managed to unpack most of our boxes, so I treated myself to an outing. The Liberty Love book release party was happening in town, so I busted out my Google map and headed over to check it out! I have to say, it was the cutest party ever. 
In the middle of the studio was a table of fabric scraps and paper dolls, for crafting pretty fabric dresses.

 And gorgeous quilts from the book, hanging all around the room. This was my favorite. 🙂

I even got to meet Kelly and Amanda, some local sewing bloggers! After a couple more days of carving out a routine in this new space, I’m feeling hopeful. In the midst of this new city, I hope to find (or create) a bit of the life I loved in Anderson, and embrace the newness of Nashville.
To those of you who’ve made a major move . . . how long did it take you to feel totally settled in your new place?

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