Turntable Quilt

Turntable Quilt

You know when you’re just not sure about something? Until you’re done . . . and then you look at it and still wonder what you think?

This Turntable Quilt (like the Equalizer Quilt) was my husband’s idea. He got REALLY into it, and actually started threatening to “sell the idea” on my Facebook page (I still don’t know what this means) if I wasn’t going to use it.

I mean, it was a great idea. I just wasn’t sure how to make it. (Pieced or applique? Solids or prints?)

Turntable Quilt

While I mulled over the options, I started researching turntable clipart until I found this one. Once I’d settled on applique and solids, I started cutting large circles of solid fabric and played
around with the design.

Cutting Circles

For the large black circle and grey sections, I folded the circle into quarters and used a string and pen to mark the curve, cutting later with a rotary cutter. The cut was pretty rough, so I later folded the black fabric into sixths, and tried the curve again. Much better!

The blue circle was small enough that I could use this Omnigrid circle cutter. This thing rocks, and can cut fabric circles a bit bigger than my Olfa circle cutter, which maxes out at about a 9″ circle.

I must have circles on the brain lately, because I also just bought an Accuquilt circle cutting die, so I’m getting excited to try that out soon.

Turntable Quilt

For the back, I used this awesome second-hand duvet I found while shopping at a thrift store in D.C. I thought it also had a kind of retro, throwback feel to it.

Turntable Quilt

Is it my favorite quilt of all time? Nah. However, I think I’ve gone from confused about this quilt to actually liking it! It was a really good practice run for quilting negative space (using different quilting patterns in different areas of the quilt), which I’ve been studying in my Craftsy class with Angela Walters.

It’s graphic. It’s a guy-friendly pattern. I learned some new things! And now I have an excuse to restock my bolt of Kona white. Rock on.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

This 44″ x 44″ crib-size quilt is listed in my Etsy shop.


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