Sewing 2012: Year in Review and Looking Ahead

2012 Accessories Lindsay Sews
It’s this time of year that I like to look back at my sewing and see how I did with my crafty resolutions.
When I look at my list of goals for 2012, I think I did pretty well! I wrote my first quilt pattern, sewed some shirts for myself, branched out into free-motion quilting and even avoided last year’s sewing-related injuries.

My husband said I should tell you all about a goal I set for 2012. I
didn’t blog about it, because I didn’t want to sound all… you know.
But I think it might be encouraging to some of you, so I’m just going to
put it out there.

I made a goal to myself that I would
write 10 sewing patterns in 2012. I didn’t write about it, but I thought
about it, a lot. Well, wouldn’t you know it, but I just finished writing my 10th pattern for
the year, plus another 12 tutorials for Craft Buds.
Crazy! So, whether or not you believe in setting New Year’s
resolutions, I hope you’ll consider the power of setting some measurable
goals. It has really made a huge difference for me, when I’ve been
feeling “stuck” in a rut, to have something creative to work toward.

    2012 Wearables Lindsay Sews

    2012 Highlights

    • Hosting a quilting
      retreat for the Indy Modern Quilt Guild at my house, and seeing my quilts hang in the fun
      First Fridays outdoor quilt show this summer
    • Kicking off Craft Book Month at Craft Buds. I look forward to this event every year!
    • Sewing and quilting. It was
      the year of the shirt! It was also the year of conquering free-motion
    • Joining the Pillow Talk Swap, For the Love of Solids Swap, the Mod Stitches Bee and 4×5 Bee
    • Going to Quilt Market and teaching at Sewing Summit
    • Working as an editor for a craft website
    2012 Quilts and Patchwork Lindsay Sews

     In 2013, I’m excited to . . .

    1. Continue writing patterns
    2. Sell our house and move to Nashville
    3. Make a Weekender Bag
    4. Go to Quilt Market again, and maybe another sewing trip
    5. Sew more with knit fabric
    6. Quilt with do. Good Stitches
    7. Show you my favorite quilt I’ve ever made 🙂

    I’m linking up this post over at Craft Buds, for the 2012/2013 link party. It would make my day if you’d join us!

    Craft Buds

    Cheers to the new year!

    This is the year when laughter douses charred and burnt-out dreams
    This is the year when wrens return to nest in storm-blown trees
    Is this the year of relocation from boughs of old despair?
    This is the year to perch on hope’s repair
                                                                       – lyric from “The New Year” by Eric Peters 

    Have you made some sewing or blogging goals for 2013?  I’d
    love to hear what you are hoping to learn, make or do in the new year.



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