4×5 Bee Blocks

A friend snapped a photo this morning, and I thought I’d share. That’s my husband and me in the bulls-eye of this huddle.

This is a snapshot of the church community that was formed eight years ago, and today we shared the news that Matt would be stepping down as the pastor to move on to full-time writing. It’s been a privilege to have this group of people by our sides, and a wonderful feeling to feel the genuine love of the people around you when life brings change. Thank you for supporting us! Love you guys.

In other news, remember the whirligig blocks I sent out to the ladies of the 4×5 Bee? Well, my blocks have arrived, and they couldn’t be more gorgeous. My colors are gray, yellow, and aqua, and all of the fabric choices are spot on. It’s a wonderful feeling to get something in the mail that was hand-stitched for you by a friend.

4x5 4th Quarter Received
Top row: blocks from  Lee, Deb & Wendy,  Bottom row: Blocks from Deb (an extra!), Elizabeth, and Lyanna.

And here they are with my bee blocks from the last quarter! A few more blocks, and I should be ready to stitch up a mean sampler quilt. I’ve really lucked out so far that half the blocks have a white background, and the other half have colored backgrounds. So perfect.

4x5 Bee 3rd and 4th Quarters Received

I am so happy to have your friendship as a quilting and sewing community. Your support via comments, encouragement, and creative living has become a huge joy in my life. Have a lovely week!


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