Cravings and Thoughts on Time

Picnik collage

Playing around with a new blog header and a cleaner look for my blog. 🙂 When I cannot sew, I’m thankful to still get in some virtual creative time!

Oh, oh . . . so yesterday, I stopped by a new bakery in town to take photos for an article I wrote. Yum! These are cake balls, ladies. Yes. Cake balls.

Crave Dessert Cafe

Had so much fun using my new lens and looking at delicious treats.


Did I mention it’s right on my way to work?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my time and how it’s spent. I work full-time and spend my evenings and weekends sewing when I can. But there are a lot of other people and things that need my attention, as I’m sure you can relate.

I’d love to take a little survey of you all. Do you feel like you have enough time for the creative part of your life? Wish you had more? This is the category I feel like I’m in right now, although it varies. Holidays aside, I imagine that I’ll have more evenings this winter to bunker down and make so many of those projects I’ve been plotting.

For those of you who do get in plenty of creative time, how do you balance with family, friends and/or work? Do you sacrifice time with people? Time with your other half? Sleep? Especially curious to hear from moms on this one!


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