So, this girl walks into an E.R. (and some hexagons)

Let’s just say I almost finished a quilt to show you. And as I was sewing on the binding to this queen-size beauty…

…I had to take a detour to the E.R. Yep, needle went into my finger, through the nail, and broke off inside my finger.

Thankfully, it was a clean break and stayed all in one piece. About 30 minutes later, and my husband and I were home.

Ouch! Yep, the needle was pretty much as long as my finger is deep. But all is well, and I can totally still sew. Except for the fact that I’ll need to run out for needles tomorrow. (Broke three tonight on my very thick quilt. Well, that’s not true, because one one of them was broken through my finger, but, you know.)

And here’s something prettier to look at: my hexagons from a wedding road trip earlier this weekend! Ahhhh…

Should I get back on the horse and finish her up tomorrow? Maybe I’ll just cool it for a day and treat myself to a red, white & blue popsicle, or something. Happy 4th!

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