A good mail week, right before another good week!

Next week, my husbeast and I will be vacationing in Montreal and Quebec City! (Thank you Meg for using this humorous term. I think I will borrow it.) Thanks to those of you from the area who gave me some dining and sightseeing tips, as I cleverly solicited all of your locations as part of my SMS giveaway day.

Another question for those of you who are familiar with Montreal: If we don’t speak French, will we be okay? Are people friendly/helpful?

As if going on a 10-day trip isn’t lucky enough, I’ve had an awesome mail week. Presenting, my Loulouthi winnings from Pink Castle Fabrics! I’ve been loving Anna Maria Horner lately, so these half-yard cuts were a stellar prize. And I even got a Hello Kitty card. (How did you know, Brenda?)

Loulouthi winnings!

I was also very happy to win one of the thousand SMS Giveaway Day drawings I entered! Kendra (Miss Knitta) was so kind to send me this stack of fun fabrics and some staples I’ll definitely use in my last few bottled rainbows blocks. She even threw in a knitting book (so thoughtful!) because she noticed I’ve been trying to do more knitting! Thank you Kendra!

SMS Giveaway winnings!

Murph has already picked out his favorite Loulouthi print.
Loulouthi and the Murph

So, if you don’t hear from me much over the next few weeks, I’m having a great vacation! If you do hear from me, nobody would speak English to us in Montreal, and we spent every day in our hotel room, on our laptops. Just kidding! Kind of.

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