Dirty Morning and a Fancy Place for My Cat to Sit

Spent Saturday morning planting raspberry and gooseberry bushes for a community garden outside our church. I don’t know a thing about gardening, but was surrounded by people who do. Overall, the group planted more than 30 fruit or nut trees and about the same number of bushes, and the harvest will be open to anyone in the community!

Cleaned off, had lunch out with my husband (which may or may not have been a mystery shop) and headed back for a crafternoon!

I used some Bottled Rainbows scraps to make this multicolor quilt binding. With 3-inch fabric strips, I pieced them together and folded in twice to make a double-fold binding, ironing as I went along. I was starting to feel like a magician, pulling scarves out of a hat.

Rainbow Quilt Binding

I also pieced together this quilt back for the Kona Solids quilt I’m working on. I obviously haven’t learned enough yet from Sara’s photo tips this week, because the actual quilt colors here are a bit muddled, but I was distracted by the cat while photo editing. Anyway, the main fabric is Heather Bailey’s Bijoux Mod Bead in Tangerine.

Kona solids Quilt Back

With any luck, I’ll be able to post some more sewing progress tomorrow, including another Bottled Rainbow or two. Happy Saturday!

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