Fantasy Quilting Day with Bottled Rainbows Progress

My husband spent the day at a fantasy baseball draft, which means I got to have my own kinda fantasy day. Yes, that’s right. I spread out my quilting crap all over the living room while catching up on DVR shows. Yes!


Four more Bottled Rainbows blocks done! Add that to the teal block, and that’s 5 of 16.

Petal block

My favorite so far, the petal. (Cupcake Wars = check.)

Raspberry block

Raspberry block (during my favorite Food Network show, Chopped).

Ruby block

Ruby block (and The Antonio Treatment).

Tangerine block

Tangerine block (and a couple episodes of Celebrity Apprentice).

Murph and the blocks

And I have most of the “bottles” done, with appropriate scraps laid out. Still deciding if I’m going to go with the suggested Konas for the four that are missing, or If I’ll pick another solid that better matches my scraps.

I’m also debating on the overall layout for the quilt. I do love the way Rachel’s layout flows, with all the colors in the appropriate color families. But, I’ve also toyed with the idea of a few blocks on the front and few on the back, with some neutral Kona sashing and a more random layout.

Anyone else have a fantasy crafting weekend? Linking up to Sew Modern Monday, Sew & Tell and W.i.P. Wednesday.

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