Crafting for cats and dogs

This weekend, my friend Mischon and I are sharing a booth at the 31st Annual Christmas Craft Show in Anderson. It’s sponsored by the Madison County Humane Society, so proceeds from the booth fee will go toward animals, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

We are so glad some of our friends are coming! I have never been to this craft show before, or any craft shows in my town, to know how well attended they are or what the other booths will be like. There could be Avon ladies there for all I know.

I plan on bringing some ornaments to make while we’re at the booth, since I’m sure we’ll have some downtime. It’s Saturday and Sunday, but we’ll both take off a bit early on Saturday for a friend’s wedding.

I’m going to be selling:

  • Pet stockings
  • Felt ornaments (Christmas cards and gift tags)
  • Assorted goodies

Mischon is selling:

  • Fancy headbands (see photo, above)
  • Artwork
  • And more suprises…

I’ll update with photos this weekend. Exciting!


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