Brody the Schnauzer

This schnauzer was my second sale on Etsy, a custom order for a very fun family. Amy’s mom loves schnauzers, as does my mom (remember this stuffed schnauzer I made my mom for her birthday?). So I made Amy a replica of Brody, their beloved family pet.

The funny story about this little guy is that I had to finish sewing him up at the Hampton Inn while my husband and I were evacuated from our home for some mold removal!

The order came in just as my craft room was inaccessible, but I’d already promised little Brody to Amy for an October birthday gift, so I re-drafted the pattern from memory on a USA Today from the hotel lobby.

The rest of the sewing I was able to do in the living room of our messed-up house (thankfully, my sewing machine was not locked upstairs with the rest of the crafts) after work one day, and I finished hand embroidering the face at the Hampton.

Voila! The body of this little guy turned out much better than the previous version.


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